TEFL Courses In China & TEFL Jobs In China Teaching English

There are a wide variety of TEFL courses in China leading to TEFL jobs in China teaching English. China is a great location for teaching English and traveling. China is not so much a country but a world in its own right. China’s ambitions include the desire to be the largest economy in the world, and general international opinion expects that it is only a matter of time before this aspiration is met. As well as China’s economic dynamism and contrast of cultures there is far more that draws English teachers and travelers to this diverse, colorful and rich culture. Thousands of years of history, culture and philosophy are clearly apparent, and in many respects international, political events of the 20th century, are merely a grain of sand on the beach of Chinese history.

Mandarin and Cantonese are the official languages in China; although, in a country of nearly one point four billion, spread over nearly four million square miles, there is a variety of different dialects and idioms. In reality Cantonese will serve you well in many parts of the country, but in other areas only Mandarin is in use. Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism make up the majority of those observing religious practice. There is a small minority orientated towards Islam and Christianity.

The economic facet of modern China has created a huge demand for teachers teaching English with TEFL jobs in China readily available in most large cities. TEFL courses in China have become more and more available in many cities in an attempt to deal with the demand for those wanting to learn English. TEFL courses in China provide on the spot English teacher training for those wanting TEFL jobs in China teaching English. There are approximately three-hundred and sixty million people learning English in China. The growing demand has meant that in recent years the requirements stipulated by employers for TEFL jobs in China teaching English is that applicants be TEFL certified having completed a TEFL course in China or in another location. In some cases employers will also require that TEFL job applicants have a Degree or higher qualification. Previous experience teaching English is a benefit, but many employers are happy to employ newly qualified English teachers who have completed a TEFL course in China or in another location.

China is one of the biggest markets in the world today TEFL courses and TEFL jobs teaching English, and the demand for TEFL qualified teachers is growing constantly. Having completed a TEFL course in China, TEFL certification in most cases the only qualification that you will need as the demand for teachers teaching English is so high. If you choose to work for a language institutes for example, you can generally expect to find yourself teaching business English. The needs-driven market in China makes for hard working and well-motivated students. It is highly unlikely that you will find English language students sleeping at the back of the class. Also note that in most cases students, schools or businesses will be paying high prices by local standards for the opportunity to learn English and will expect a professional and respectable English teacher. Another thing to note is to be aware of the fact that many of your students will have been studying English for a number of years.

Lessons should be well thought out and prepared in order to provide a useful and comprehensive English learning experience for your students. Be prepared for the possibility that your students may well not have a lot of experience of listening to a native English speaker in person. As with TEFL jobs in China teaching English or anywhere in the world preparation and consideration will always make a difference to an English student’s learning experience. In a number of cases, students will be studying toward Cambridge Proficiency standards, therefore an awareness of the curriculum for the various Cambridge exams is useful.

A work permit for TEFL jobs teaching English in China is now a fairly straight forward affair. The Chinese government classifies teachers as either Foreign Teachers or Foreign Experts: the difference being the qualifications that the teacher holds. Work permits are generally applied for and provided by employers. While completing a TEFL course in China, your prospective employer can complete all the necessary paperwork for you in order that you can begin your TEFL job in China teaching English once TEFL certified. In any situation you should check with your local Chinese embassy regarding visa and work permit regulations prior to arrival in China as these matters can change at any time.

Beijing is now a very popular destination for TEFL courses in China and TEFL jobs in China teaching English. Whether opinion is for or against, Beijing has become somewhat Westernised. The English language, tourists and generally things Western are popular and fashionable with many of the Chinese people keen to embrace modern life. You will often find curious local people inviting you into conversation and generally being very friendly. Hong Kong is a quite different experience altogether, a melting pot of different cultures and a place that has become truly modernized. Hong Kong has a great transportation system which supports a very busy and lively style of life. There are opportunities to get away from it all to well manicured public parks and inviting temples in order to switch off and meditate over the truly amazing place that is Hong Kong. Another good option for TEFL jobs in China teaching English is Shanghai. Shanghai is the new centre of the revolution in terms of life style. Somewhat similar to Hong Kong it is a buzz with excitement and atmosphere.

There are many other cities to consider for TEFL courses in China and TEFL jobs teaching English. A country so diverse and interesting will have something to appeal to all English teachers. A wonderful and vibrant people in unison with a breathtaking country provides for an excellent cultural and mentally stimulating experience.