Teaching English As a Foreign Language

It may seem to be a strange concept to think of teaching English as a foreign language. But not everyone in the world today speaks English. In fact English as a first language is about number three in world rankings. The first is one of the Chinese dialects. However, English is the common language for the computer. It is important for international travel. English is also the language the UN voted to use for diplomatic discourse with embassies. So it is not that unusual for someone to be teaching English as a foreign language. There are also many bi-lingual speaking people in the world. It is not that uncommon.

Teaching English as a second language is also not that uncommon in the United States. With a large influx of non-English speaking people entering the United States, there are many people who speak another language as their first language. They also attend school here and need to learn English. Or they may look for employment in the United States and they need English for job progression and even basic employment.

There are many public schools in the United States who have hired ESL teachers to teach English to the students attending the school. In fact many full time teachers also offer tutoring in English after their school day is over.

There are a lot of people who simply want to speak English better. They may have grown up in a home where two languages were spoken and they have a rudimentary knowledge of English. They want to improve their English speaking abilities. This makes it easy to teach English in this environment as the attendees really want to learn the language. This is different from students say in junior high that have no interest in learning English as a first or second language or any other subject for that matter.

Many companies send their employees to another country to live and conduct business. Sometimes they are sent to the United States to set up an office or distribution system or another form of business. These employees will have to learn English in order to be successful at their jobs. A lot of people are employed teaching English to these employees. They may be required to teach English to these employees in their home country before they come over to the United States. In that case, the teaching position would be in another country.

Some companies, however, send their employees to the United States or another English-speaking country and expect them to learn their English there. This still affords more opportunities to teach English as a foreign language.

There are many opportunities to teach English beyond the traditional English teacher in a traditional school environment. This may be an opportunity to leave your country and learn another language in a country where you might be the teacher who teaches English to the citizens of that country. This may also lead to a new life in another country which could be fun.